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MTV ‘Waterworld’ Sequel? Don’t Hold Your Breath

And now we're adrift in an ocean of sadness.


SyFy Developing New ‘Waterworld’ Series?

Jeff Bercovici over at Forbes dropped the news as part of an addendum to another article he’d written about NBC Universal and SyFy making a push into the video game market. Bercovici added that in addition to video games, Syfy is also trying to get into the movie game – and this is where we get first details on this Waterworld business.



Waterworld the remake! SyFy wade in for possible new film

A version of Waterworld as it should have been made looks set to become a reality. After protracted contract negotiations, SyFy – the company behind Sharktopus, Arachnoquake and Piranhaconda – is reportedly closing in on Waterworld.


Another 'Waterworld'? Believe It Or Not, Syfy Might Make One

Syfy is also pushing into the movie business — and that it may even remake “Waterworld,” one of the most notorious Hollywood bombs of all time. Howe sees it as an underexploited piece of intellectual property. That’s because every time it airs on Syfy, it attracts a surprisingly large viewership. (Around 400,000 viewers watched the last airing.)





Waterworld: The Musical? Staring Patrick Warburton ?

Now THAT's some entertainment!

This was a viral video made to promote another movie "Made for Each Other", also starring Warburton.